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Artist Statement

Sculpture, 2022 - 2019

Operating between abstraction and figuration the works use gesture and suggested motion to convey emotion. These colorful works are playful and spontaneous.  The forms, postures, and relationships between the pieces are inspired in part by certain aspects of post-modern dance which emphasize ordinary movement and complex interaction. 

Sculpture, 2018- 2016

The pieces in this series vary from the iconic to the personal.  The smaller objects are smooth, sensual, and in some instances invite repeated touch.  Perhaps originally under water or buried in the earth they belong to a world not our own. They may seem familiar – recalling ancient sculpture, ritual objects, fossils or bone, but they are also stripped of indications of specific geographical locations, historical periods and archeological interpretations.  

Wearable Art, the Smoke Series

Each hand-made form is quickly formed using simple wooden tools.  The surfaces–coal black, greys, whites and pinks are created using the saggar process.  The works are placed in closed containers filled with organic materials that when heated combust creating smoke that is absorbed into the clay.   Several works are accented with 23-carat gold leaf to reflect light that contrasts with matte surfaces.  Unusual and unorthodox combinations of materials including horse hair, climbing rope and steel cable combine with traditional materials to create new works that reference the ancient and the modern. 

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